Home Infrared Sauna vs. Portable Sauna for Sale


On one hand, there is the portable sauna for sale, as you wanted the comfort of a sauna wherever and whenever. On the other, there is the almost “traditional” wooden sauna. Unfortunately, you can only allot a budget for one of these. In this regard, what will it be?


Here are some tips for you to distinguish between a portable and home infrared sauna. We also take a look at the edge of each sauna over the other.

Unconventional saunas are popular because the heat generated is just right for the body.  Both infrared and portable saunas give off these types of heat. Because of this, distinguishing between both heat is a minimal difference.

Some individuals may prefer using a portable sauna because it is convenient to bring around. You need just need to unfold and plug it. On the other hand, home infrared saunas appear closer to what a sauna looks like, plus they have more room.

Portable saunas are meant to be lugged around, so they become susceptible to wear and tear in the long run. Meanwhile, wooden infrared saunas are made of quality wood and other materials, so they are suitable for more rounds of usage. Several infrared sauna reviews can attest to the durability of these facilities.

The typical portable sauna has your body wrapped within the contraption, except for the head. The wooden infrared sauna, on the other hand, has your entire body in it.

Because of its size, a portable sauna is naturally more affordable. In fact, it is 1/10 the price of a traditional home sauna. With home infrared saunas, however, the money is commensurate to the total experience you would have in a sauna.


While both types of saunas have various differences, they also have similar attributes. Here are just a couple of them.

Home infrared saunas and portable saunas both moderate their emission of electromagnetic fields (EMF). They make sure that the user does not get overexposed to these energy waves, as they have adverse effects on individuals’ health.

For both a portable and a far infrared sauna, you have to sit down while undergoing the treatment. Portable saunas usually come with a seat in their setup. On the other hand, while you can stand up in infrared saunas, the treatment process will be extremely comfortable. You need to sit down to maximize your usage. Thankfully, such saunas come with amenities such as backrests to make your position in the sauna more comfortable.

Tradition vs. Mobility

In the end, deciding between a more complete sauna experience and a more portable sweat bath will be the ultimate influencer for your choice. If you feel that you’re more comfortable with having the sauna always at your disposal, a portable sauna may be for you. But if you like the more conventional setup and can resist not having the occasional sauna, the home infrared facility may be the best sauna for you.